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Become a project partner

These pages provides information on participating the survey by running the survey in you country. The process of enlarging the survey is currently in some parts on the planning table, and information on these pages is subject to change. If you are interested in becoming a project partner or would like to know more about the possibilities, please contact us.

Basically all types of organizations that are willing to run the survey in their own country are eligible for partnership. In practice, the design of the survey is such that universities and similar organizations benefit the most. This is mostly due to data being most valuable to academic purposes comprising a valuable data extraction mechanism, for example, for journal articles and dissertations.


Partnership has a great number of benefits regardless of whether you are a researcher willing to run the survey yourself or a representative of an organization willing to fund the survey in your country. Here you can find information on what you get as a partner and what we offer to you. See also how does it work and implementation in 2010 for more information on how the partnership works in practice.